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(97 People Likes) Will Everyone Own a Sex Robot?

oint increase represents a fairly even spread between jessica sin love doll en and women. A full 6% of men indicated they were all in for robot sex. For women,it was 4%. If you guessed that younger folx were a bit more willing to experiment,you are correct. The 18 to 34 demographic was 12 points more likely to try sex with a bot. There was only a slight increase in those over the a

(92 People Likes) Did you know that loneliness surpasses drinking

,000 men in England report experiencing loneliness at least twice in their lifetime. Actually,according to statistics,the number of lonely middle-aged men is set to increase by 65% in the next decade.

A great number of middle-aged men face the risk of loneliness due to a variety of reasons; tight daily schedules,demanding work requirements,childhood experiences and health disorders that might lead them to alienate themselves from the rest. In as much as this may sound like nothing unu Sex Doll Torso ual,lonely middle-aged men simply lack someone on their side to share their experiences and thoughts; good or bad. They lack a shoulder to cry on during their low moments,someone to grab a drink with and tone off the day’s experiences after work and someone to come to especially when it comes to making important life decisions.

Actually,secluded people are five times more at risk of succumbing to any risky cause. Lonely middle-aged men are at the risk of cont

(32 People Likes) Did I damage my torso sex doll by using olive oil as lube since the toy is made out of silicone? I did clean her out with water later so I hope I didn’t damage her.

ourse,is in the details.
Medical-grade platinum-cure silicone is expensive. Like,really expensive. Like,$200 a gallon expensive.
If you buy a silicone sex toy for $25,odds are pretty good it’s not really silicone. It’s more likely TPE,or silicone blend Love Doll d with some o

(99 People Likes) How do you know Candace Owens is an AI silicon doll/robot?

uses is “Chatscript”. This is open source,you can download it and make your own scripts for it. It’s user manual gives an example of how it works:
For instance you might add a rule if the human types in “I like spinach” you have a scripted conversation that continues:
s: ( I like spinach )
Are you a fan of the Popeye cartoons?
a: ( ~yes )
I used to watch him as a child. Did you lust after Olive Oyl?
b: ( ~no ) Me neither. She was too skinny.
b: ( ~yes ) You probably like skinny models.
a: ( ~no ) What cartoons do you watch?
b: ( none ) You lead a deprived life.
b: ( Mickey Mouse ) The Disney icon.
There ~yes means a sentence with affirmative words in it somewhere and ~no means there are negative words. This is an example from the Chatscript manual
How to build your first chatbot using ChatScript – Learn to code with free online courses,programming projects,and interview preparation for developer jobs.
There is no need to program in any understanding of what Popeye is,or what a cartoon is,or a film,skinny,or a model. There is nothing there that understands any of that.
It’s just text responding to key words in other text. With pre-scripted responses that may take up words from what you said to incorporate in its replies.
Sophia is designed with a humanoid face able to display appropriate emotions that can also be programmed in along with the scripted responses. It is also designed so it can pick up on emotional cues in the interviewees face and speech and respond with appropriate emotional responses.
Most of the work is in integrating that together.
In an early pilot study
they got Sophia to help human subjects to meditate. As part of this it mimicked the human subjects state in its facial expression. Nothing there is meditating,but by displaying a meditative face it helped the human to get into a meditative calm state themselves.
Take this video for instance
So for instance
Kovach: How do you feel about humans?
Sophia: I love my human compatriots. I want to embody all the best things about human beings. Like taking care of the planet,being creative,and to learn how to be compassionate to all beings.
It would be a script something like
a: (~feel ~human)
I love my human compatriots. I want to embody all the best things about human beings. Like taking care of the planet,being creative,and to learn how to be compassionate to all beings.
All that text would be typed in by some programmer and then ‘she’ says it in response when the interviewer says key words.
And – from many interviews they will know typical questions that people ask it. They can have responses typed in for any type of question anyone has asked.
Wikipedia summarizes how Chatscript works like this (I’ve re-formatted it using bullet points for easy reading,otherwise direct quote) ChatScript – Wikipedia
Because ChatScript is designed for interactive conversation,it automatically maintains user state across volleys. A volley is any number of sentences the user inputs at once and the chatbots response.
A rule consists of a type,a label (optional),a pattern,and an output. There are three types of rules.
Gambits are something a chatbot might say when it has control of the conversation.
Rejoinders are rules that respond to a user remark tied to what the chatbot just said.
Responders are rules that respond to arbitrary user input which is not necessarily tied to what the chatbot just said.
Patterns range from extremely simplistic to deeply complex (analogous to Regex but aimed for NL).
Heavy use is typically made of concept sets,which are lists of words sharing a meaning. ChatScript contains some 2000 predefined concepts and scripters can easily write their own.
Output of a rule intermixes literal words to be sent to the user along with common C-style programming code.
Rules are bundled into collections called topics. Topics can have keywords,which allows the engine to automatically search the topic for relevant rules based on user input.
Because it is so simplistic in programming,it might respond in the same way to
“How do humans feel about you”
“I love my human compatriots. I want to embody all the best things about human beings…”
It must go seriously off the rail sometimes and say bizarre things. But presumably those interviews don’t get uploaded,or if they do,don’t get shared much.
Tie that in to speech recognition which we have nowadays,and this lifelike animatronics,facial emotion recognition,and scripted emotional sequence responses,and there you have it,“Sophia”.
It is similar to the hall of presidents in Disney world,updated a bit and more flexible:
(got this from Tom Musgrove’s answer to What does Sophia from Hanson Robotics say about the future and the current development of AI?)
It’s all smoke and mirrors. It is not in any way intelligent in the way we understand the word. Not progress towards general intelligence. It is progress towards making robotics more user friendly and machines that humans find it easier to connect with.
This is from a programmer involved in developing Sophia – explaining more about how they use scripts
“For giving a speech in front of an audience,sometimes we just provide the robot with a script (much as human actors are provided with scripts to read,and politicians read their speeches from teleprompters). Sometimes we provide part of a speech as a script,and let the other part get synthesized via AI algorithms — it depends on the length of the speech and the context. But the execution of scripts within the 2017 Hanson Character AI is not all that simple,because it’s not just about text — there is interaction between the words being said,the robot’s gestures,and the robot’s tone of voice. Even in a mainly scripted presentation,there’s a lot of subtlety going on,and a lot that the software is calculating in terms of how to appropriately present the scripted behaviors in the robot’s character.”
“When doing public “chit-chat” type dialogue with human beings,the human-scale Hanson robots are usually running an aspect of the Sophia 2017 Character AI that is best thought of as a sort of “decision graph.” At any given time in the conversation,the robot decides what to say based on what was recently said to it,based on any information it has about its current state,and based on any information it has stored from the earlier parts of the current conversation. Now and then it fishes information from the Internet (e.g. the weather,or the answer to a factual question).”
“Most of the responses the robot gives are pieced together from material that was fed to it by human “character authors” beforehand; but now and then it makes up new sentences via a probabilistic model it inferred from previous things it’s read.”
She also sometimes runs OpenCog though not normally in those public interviews. This program can find things on the internet,and repeat them,join them together in semantically meaningful ways,and – so it is still using large chunks of text written by others,with no real understanding of it.
They have programmed her to be able to tell whether she is looking to the right or to the left and can match facial expressions.
However her eyes are tot jessica sin love doll lly non functional,there is no lens or retina,she is no more able to see than a faceless robot with no eyes. Similarly for her ears. There is nothing there to hear or see anything and the “eyes” and “ears” are just adornments to make her look lifelike.
The inventors think that doing more of this leads them towards general intelligence in the long run by mimicking more and more of what we can do:
I don’t think we are making any progress towards programmed general intelligence myself. Lots of impressive weak AI. It will be useful in many ways but I don’t think anything that can truly understand what it is doing.
I’ve seen the field of AI develop more or less from its beginnings,first started programming in the late 1960s. Not been involved in the research,just interested,also did postgraduate research into mathematical logic and the foundations of mathematics,which is a closely related topic.
There have been people saying confidently that we will have AGI soon ever since the first program that let a computer play a reasonable game of checkers. Now the best programs can beat the world’s best go champions. Remarkable progress in weak AI. But there is still nothing remotely resembling AGI. In a well written program you might be able to change just one line of code to get the robot to lose every game of Go as quickly as it possibly can. Nothing cares or even knows what a game of Go is or what winning or losing means. No understanding of truth at all.
See comment where I g

(57 People Likes) Will sex dolls/robots eventually replace sex workers?

ise,submissiveness (not servile),and being caring,are being eradicated from females around the world. In place of those values,the modern woman is bossy,sassy,materialistic,fiery-tempered,and proud.
Without commenting on the correctness of the concurrent feminist ideology,I will say that reality – and biology – dictates that men are mostly going to want to be the resource-gatherer and home-defender,while wanting a woman who’s able to hold the fort,i.e. raise the kids,do the chores,and adhere to traditional notions of female beauty. Modest,not flamboyant; slim or moderately curvy,not bony or fat (sorry but it’s true); nylons and high heels,not socks and sandals; long hair,not bald (unless you’re Natalie Portman); clean face with a healthy smile,not tattoos and piercings.
How many girls under 25 have you dated are jessica sin love doll ood at doing housework,or is okay with at least sharing some of it? When was the last time you saw one wearing nylons in public (excluding dress code/uniform requirements)? How many of them don’t have at least one tattoo or piercing on their bodies?
Because “womanly” women like that are hard to come by these days,the market for porn has skyrocketed over the decades. Amateur,teen,MILF,interracial,furry,scat,snuff,and many other genres you wouldn’t believe actually exist. It has often been said that the availability and sheer variety of porn is one reason why millennials are having less sex than older generations. The advantages are obvious – you don’t have to buy a porn video dinner or a house to have access to it,nor do you have to listen to its endless gossips and problems. Porn videos don’t break your heart and take half of everything you own. Porn videos don’t reject you for being ugly or awkward. Many porn videos are shot in a first-person perspective,where the girl is always calling you “daddy” or “master”,so that you feel dominan Sex Doll and in charge – how many modern relationships are like that?
I believe if they ever invent sexbots that do not have the uncanny valley factor,marriage rates would fall even harder. All the perks of being with a woman,but none of the hassles. I know I’d buy one!
What about men who want to marry because they want children? Again,technology could provide an answer. Perhaps some day,technology is so advanced,sexbots could have built-in synthetic uteri,housing eggs from egg donors,so that a man could literally impregnate a machine. Might drive the Abrahamic religions crazy,but when has that ever stopped humanity from evolving?
So for women who depend on men to survive,but have nothing to offer them except their bodies,either for pleasure or reproduction,porn and sexbots are stiff competition that must be outlawed. Make no mistake,men are still the primary breadwinners of families,and contributors to national GDPs. The only reason women are primary consumers is because they control mens’ wallets – should the MGTOW movement ever go mainstream,and men take back control of that,you will see how much the market and society in general depends on men to even exist.
That said,humans are social animals who crave companionship,and emotions. I don’t believe robots will ever be advanced enough to replicate real human sentience,meaning true love could only come from a fellow human being. Therefore,women who are feminine,gentle,caring and pleas